How My Dad & A Few Million of His Friends Defeated Germany in WWII


16.1 million U.S. armed forces personnel served in World War II between Dec. 1, 1941, and Dec. 31, 1946. This site is dedicated to the few war stories one of those U.S. Army soldiers, my father, shared with me as part of The Greatest Generation. My dad and his contemporaries, my uncles and my friends fathers, rarely, if ever, spoke of their war experiences. The war was so horrific, these were memories that weren’t intended to be shared with children. It was if the code of “Omerta” (Silence), like the Mafia swears to, was in force. Dad shared a few of his experiences with me, and I am sharing them with you. Gram said the war stories Dad told her, made the war seem like it was all fun. She knew otherwise. Here are Dad’s stories as told to me.

On many of the pages on this site are photographs taken by Dad and his fellow soldiers where his captions for the photo were written on the back. I’ve added my own two cents where I think I can contribute. I’ve tried to also include information and links on the broader historical macro events that Dad was involved in at the micro or platoon level.

I have no problem stealing the image above from Steven Spielberg and his film  Saving Private Ryan. It’s a powerful photo. These were the soldiers that saved the world. Dad was Infantry like the soldier depicted above.

Browse this site and get a sense of World War II history at a very personal level. If I’ve gotten something wrong or if it triggers a memory Dad shared with you, click on my name and send me an email.

Austin E Kearney, Jr.

Atlanta, GA